Emma Lashmar is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.

re/sonance, 2010

100/1, 2010

As a young multidisciplinary artist, I combine blown glass objects in a fusion with hybrid sculptural installation elements, including sound, light and sensor mechanisms. I interweave handcrafted objects into immersive and site-conscious occupations of constructed space, drawing attention to the intersection between art-object and its immediate spatial context. In the studio I am mesmerised by the transmutation of molten glass: a process where all elements of the situation partake in the creation of form. Drawn to simple, organic forms in clear glass, the objects I create gather in swarms of light, reflection and shadow. Each of the vessels embodies an act of creation; subtly delineating substance from void, control from chaos. This multiplicity of echoing forms generate a kind of modularity, which can then be applied in various configurations within particular spaces.

Both the act of sculpting with glass and the negotiation of installing work within an architectural space are intuitive processes marking territory, and are vulnerable to the particular conditions of a moment in time and space. Strategic negotiations of constraints (time/space/resources) has generated a practice of repeatedly reinvesting multiples of glass objects, which in turn has led to discovering new ways to activate those same static elements. The latest manifestation was a collaborative experimental sound-sculpture: a stringed instrument bolted into gallery walls which, when played, triggered movement across a tensioned field of glass objects.