Jim Munroe is a male artist born in Canada, currently working in Canada.
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Jim Munroe’s new video art series Pleasure Circuit Overload (42 minutes) is a series of seven pieces about videogames. Through movie preview spoofs, in-game machinima, quirky short drama and documentary interviewing, this diverse collection aims to deepen the cultural discourse around gaming. From his experience as the maker of DVDzine Novel Amusements to the two years writing a games column for alt-weekly Eye to his science fiction novels, Munroe has a relationship with technology that is sympathetic yet critical. CTHEORY journal called one of the pieces “a great work of pop culture commentary,” and other pieces in the collection have been featured on CBC’s 120seconds.com, Rooftop Films in Brooklyn and the Oberhausen Film Festival in Germany. It was made possible through a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Freeware Rebellion (2006, 10 minutes) [watch it] A doc about two Toronto indie game makers, Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard, and their stylish 2D platformer N. Million Dollar Gamer (2006, 3 minutes) [watch it] A fake movie preview that asks: what if the plucky heroine from Million Dollar Baby was into the Dance Dance Revolution videogame instead of boxing? Mark Slutsky Reviews the Nintendo DS (2006, 4 minutes) [watch it] Mark likes to touch his unit. Mario’s Pain (2005, 6 minutes) [watch it] The played-out plummer goes to a doctor for his back problems. Yoga Deathmatch (2005, 4 minutes) [watch it] A rumination on the similarities between the ancient Hindu art of spiritual discipline and the rather more modern art of online gaming. My Trip to Liberty City (2003, 9 minutes) [watch it] I try to stay out of trouble as a Canadian tourist in Grand Theft Auto III. >interactive (2001, 7 minutes) [watch it] Two guys use the language of text adventure games to talk about unrequited love.

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