Steph Hall is a female artist born in New Zealand, currently working in Australia.
Steph Hall image

Steph works at River Studios, on the banks of the Maribyrnong River, in Melbourne, Australia. A prolific painter of bright, bold, expressionistic work, Steph continues to develop and mature her painting style and explore a variety of themes through her practice. Most of her current work focuses on the body or portraiture, which is a product of the regular life drawing classes that she runs on a weekly basis.
As well as exhibiting through solo and groups shows, for the past couple of years (2011-2012) Steph has also co-ordinated two fund raising art exhibitions promoting Plan’s “Because I am a Girl” campaign, which fights gender inequality, promotes the rights of girls and young women, and aims to lift millions of girls out of poverty around the world. Steph hopes that these exhibitions will be come an annual event.