Khee Yew Loh is a male artist born in Singapore.
Khee Yew Loh image

The eminent Loh Khee Yew can be aptly described as a humble genius.

Born in 1933, he is one of the pioneers of Singapore’s design movement. In 1966, he left for Canada to study design at the Alberta college of Art on a Colombo Plan scholarship, graduating with a major in advertising. Later he pursued photography and printmaking in the Vancouver school of Art. He was the Dean of Design Faculty at LASALLE-SIA, College of the Arts (1992-95) Loh Khee Yew’s unmistakable style makes him one of the stalwarts of the second generation Chinese contemporary artists in Singapore. He is known for his different techniques and explorations of medium. His geometric rendering of nature’s palette, for instance, is testament to his constantly evolving style. His works are unique and one-of-a-kind. In his paintings, he creates depth and space merely with the use of colour. In the more subdued pieces, bright colours are used to accentuate and uplift the other elements.

Loh Khee Yew’s experimental nature can be witnessed in the unorthodox use of acrylic ink instead of the traditional ink used in Chinese brush calligraphy. The result is a brilliant fusion of the old and new. He absorbs the distinguishing qualities of two opposing elements and brings harmony and balance to this combination He employs his signature technique-line drawing, to trace the organic form of nature’s bounty and the human body in a truly unique and fascinating way. The composition rises out of the line’s path leaving behind an intricate network of interwoven entities. His artistic evolution can be described as a period of personal research through experimentation, and meditative thinking. work in collaboration with Khee Yew Loh