Loes Maier-Reudink is a female artist born in Netherlands.
Loes Maier-Reudink image

The artist was born in Koedijk, a small village near the city of Alkmaar, Holland, in 1954. After finishing her studies of four years at the “Schans” art academy in Amsterdam during the summer of 1975, Loes Maier-Reudink worked for some years as a graphic designer in a public relations agency.

In 1977, she married a Dutch geologist and after which stayed in Oman from 1980 where her husband was offered an assignment with the local Shell Company. For the duration of her stay in Oman from 1981 to 1985 was the time she began to self practice and developing her art, specialising in pen drawings and portraits.

Following her husband’s progress in the industry resulted in her family’s migration to Brunei Darussalam in North Borneo (1985 to 1989), where she first encountered the people and culture of the Far East as well as developed the art of aquarelle painting, and to Jakarta (1989 to 1992). In Jakarta, she further explored her skills whist absorbing the Indonesian culture and atmosphere which strongly influence the subject of her work by introducing combined techniques, motifs, colours and batik materials in every of her painting. Women, mostly Indonesians, then formed the central subject of most of her paintings.

Her first major exhibition in Jakarta was successfully held in 1991 at the Erasmus Huis, the cultural centre of the Dutch Embassy, which was followed by an exhibition with “Kelompok Duablas” in 1992.

Subsequently, after her return to Holland in 1993, her art naturally was less of the Eastern style but the foundation that she achieved in the Eastern world has allowed her to create a blend into her own culture. This significant can be seen in the change of atmosphere in her paintings, challenging colours and use of subject.

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