Frank Mackenzie is a male artist born in Australia.
Frank Mackenzie image

Born in Sydney, Australia, Frank has resided and worked in Singapore for 8 years and now is back home in Sydney, Australia.

Frank studied fine art and illustration at East Sydney College of the Arts, majoring in Life Drawing, Painting and all mediums. Awarded scholarship for most advanced student. Later studied painting with the distinguished portraitist and landscape painter, Greme Inson. Subsequently this study was followed with figure painting at the renowned Julian Ashton School for Painting in Sydney under the tutorship of Philip Ashton.

Professional experience includes:

Exhibition Curator and Designer. Also as Art Director and Creative Group Head for many of the world’s leading international advertising agencies. Frank has exhibited in Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Dubai, Luxembourg, New York, Mastericht, Papua New Guinea, Kuala Lumpur, Australia and Singapore. work in collaboration with Frank Mackenzie