Jamie Paul is an artist born in United Kingdom, currently working in Singapore.
Jamie Paul image

After completing his Fine Art education in the United Kingdom, Jamie has lived and worked as an exhibiting visual artist in both the UK and Australia.

Focusing on painting, Jamie uses a mixture of media such as oil and acrylic paint, charcoal, oil stick, spray paint and even household paint on canvas, mixing traditional values with modern techniques and imagery. Images overlap and intersperse to create a juxtaposition of varying styles, the outcome is a powerful fusion of contemporary society and tradition, a mix of East meets West.

Jamie is heavily influenced by his love of travel and his immediate environment, popular culture and contemporary city living. Jamie’s work is a thought provoking reflection and insight into one’s own self, identity and the unconscious effect our surroundings have on us.

Jamie has been living and working in Singapore since January 2008.

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