Ronald Wigman is a male artist born in Netherlands.
Ronald Wigman image

Born on June 19, 1954 in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, young Ronald Wigman was fascinated by travelling. As a child, he collected postcards, from all around the world, which serves as a catalyst for his future travels and creative mind.

Wigman worked as a graphic designer till the early nineties. He shut down a successful office and dedicated his time to the arts, producing independent artworks, video art, art installations, some writing and every now and then, some graphic design work like t-shirts and web designs.

Stylistically, Wigman’s works incorporates his experiences and thoughts about travelling. He also has a fascination for maps: city maps, road maps… Just like maps, his works are built structurally based on arrangement of colour, almost without the illusion of three-dimensional space. Just like maps, Wigman’s paintings display images of reality seen from a certain height, with a ‘bird’s eye view’ perspective.

Wigman paints with the vision of a cartographer who has a strong sense of design. Even so, his paintings show that Wigman does not only work as a designer who serves plans and order. With the eye of a cartographer, Wigman conducted reduction on the complexity of his experiences in three-dimensional space in order to master the two-dimensional space of his canvases. Along with the reduction process, however, Wigman’s creative instincts move his body to enjoy, explore, and articulate various particular sensations that cannot be reduced or mapped.

Now, Wigman resides in Bali, Indonesia where he continues his journey as an artist. work in collaboration with Ronald Wigman