Kerry Buckland-Lewis is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, BRUNSWICK, Victoria, Australia.
Kerry Buckland-Lewis image
My work examines aspects of contemporary Western cultures’ relationship to the environment. Using media which is usually associated with mass production and mass culture, it explores the cultural mediation of nature. The work explores decorative floral motifs extracted from nature and employs them as emblems of this cultural mediation. The final ephemeral installation is a projected “natural” environment which inhabits architectural spaces and juxtaposes natural and artificial elements while referencing the formal qualities of painting.

The work considers how to picture contemporary Western cultures’ increasing detachment and mediation of the natural world. The underlying paradox of this relationship – where culture is simultaneously contained by nature yet increasingly detached from it, is emphasised through a number of similar binary oppositions. Integrated within the work these binary oppositions include the natural and the unnatural, strength/fragility/, permanent/temporary to compose a generic “natural” landscape.
My installations additionally explore the possibilities of translating the formal qualities of painting from the canvas to projection to create works which preserve a painterly characteristic. In particular light, colour, space and scale are employed to expand the sensory experience of painting by taking it from a two dimensional entity and placing it by way of projection into real space.