Micha Nussinov is a male artist born in Israel, currently working in Redfern, New South Wales, Australia.
Micha Nussinov image
Having moved from from my birth place, a farmland in Israel, first to London, 1969-71,where I became a cinematographer/ film-maker [ London Film School] , then getting married to ex patriot and migrating, in 1975, to Australia – I have had to go through many obstacles of language and cultural differences that have triggered my own survival instinct, shifting from the defensive ,[ too afraid to utter a word], to find artistic expression where emotions can be voiced.

My artworks reflect these transition from worlds, containing layers of figurative landscapes that inhabit nature, to a more urban setting with windows, fences and structural man made sites.

Nussinov, a filmmaker turned artist,has been working in the creative arts for 25 years. He now works and exhibits at his studio/ gallery at 56 Cope Street, Redfern, with occasional hiring of the studio to other artists.

His ideal is to create a small nucleus for creative collaborations, with people working individually and as a group, towards an exhibition or performance.