Anthony White is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in France.
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Living in France amongst different cultures naturally leads to working across various artistic disciplines. By merging contemporary forms of urban landscape and his Australian heritage across disciplines of drawing, painting, and collage the artist creates works often characterised by an awareness of surface and a preoccupation with the engagement of physicality and the found object. White’s work has broadly been attributed to the gestural forms of painterly abstraction, where the physical act of painting is key

White’s recent paintings consider collision points, blurs, diffusions, shifts and ruptures at the site of geopolitical and cultural boundaries, particularly in relation to global immigration crises. Echoing Edward Said’s identification of “the inextricable links” between Modernism, war and immigration.

The artist was awarded the The Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship 2007 where he travelled to New York and worked at the New York Studio School and the Paris Studio Award 2009 where he was artist in residence in Paris for three months at La Cite Internationale Des Arts.(2009)
Anthony White has exhibited widely over the past decade. Recent exhibitions include Art Central Hong Kong (2016), final round finalist in the Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy London, (2015
The artist has been has been the recipient of the Marten Bequest for Painting 2007, the FONAS Paris Studio at La Cite Internationale Des Arts 2009,a scholarship to the LIA Programme in Leipzig Germany.

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