Jack Youngblood is an artist, currently working in Singapore.
Jack Youngblood image

Jack Youngblood’s artwork has been collected by such a wide range of art enthusiasts: from establishment figures such as Lord Gowrie (British Minister of The Arts) and the Arts Council of Great Britain to David Bowie, Youngblood’s work is much appreciated by those with an interest in the digital, the excessive and the consummate.

Youngblood is an accomplished painter and sculptor, but much of his body of work is made up of digital paintings. This is a departure for more traditionalist gallery audiences, but also a source of great admiration to proponents of this relatively new medium, such as users of online art community Deviant Art.

Jack Youngblood came to Singapore from London’s prestigious Goldsmiths’ College in 2006, and is currently a professor of Digital Painting at Nanyang Technological University. He has held two solo exhibitions in Singapore and is rapidly gaining a cult following as a creator of striking digital images that involve zombies, spaceships and lunar landscapes.