Yandell Walton is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Victoria, Australia.
Yandell Walton image

Yandell Walton’s work explores representations of the contained figure. She is interested in the interaction between the projected image and three-dimensional spaces to help blur the boundaries between the real and unreal. By working with reality and combining this with the use of technology, it creates a crossover of the real and the virtual allowing for the viewer to experience the actual and fantastic. The nature of her work reflects inner thoughts and emotion, challenging the audience to delve into fantasy, imagination as well as desperation.

“My objective is to reveal another state, a space between what we perceive as real and what we experience within.” Victor Burgin suggests that we “simultaneously inhabit two distinct and separate worlds. One is mental, private and “internal”. The other physical, public, “external”.

Walton completed her Masters Of Fine Art at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2005. She has a growing profile in Melbourne exhibiting regularly in galleries and installation spaces both nationally and internationally as well as involving herself in arts based festivals. She was granted the Melbourne Fringe Festival Visual Arts Award 2005 and has won the Siemens Scholarship in both 2003 and 2004 for her projection installations. In 2007 she worked and exhibited in Berlin after receiving the ozco RUNWAY grant.