Dylan Martorell is a male artist.
Dylan Martorell image

Dylan Martorell has been exhibiting and performing for over ten years. Central to his multidisciplinary practice is an intense interest in the full spectrum of Music and sound sources, ranging from field recordings to ritualised performances. His work also draws on the rhythms and structures of the natural world, real and imagined histories, musical diaspora as well as the use of time, sound and light on sensory perceptions to create synaesthestic combinations of improvised colour, pattern, sound and line.

Martorell has exhibited and performed nationally and internationally. Solo exhibitions include Musique Povera at Heide Museum of Modern Art, 2010; Splintered Guilders, Lamington Drive, Melbourne, 2009; Stolon Tonals, Black and Blue, Sydney, 2009; Umbel Ballits, Craft Victoria, Melbourne, 2008; Hinterdact I and II, Über Gallery, Melbourne, 2008; and Panter Cluster Rimbone, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, 2007.