István Orosz is an artist born in Hungary, currently working in Hungary.
István Orosz image

Among the many statues of deties there was an empty plinth in the Pantheon. The statue of A. T. – the non-existent statue of the unknown deity. Nothing elevated onto a pedestal amidst the visible statuesof invisible gods. The apotheosis of the Void Oshrewd draughtsman, who has been signing his blinding pictures with the name Outis or Nobody borrowed from the Cyclopeia, dedicated his graphic series entitled Void to A. T. or Agnostus Theus.The sheets show what there isn’t and don’t show what there is. A reversed world. Loathing emptiness, he tries to fill the void, but fleeing the real matters of the given world, he erases these. He forces us to decide: the visible or the unshowable things shall we take the side of? But does the answer have any consolation: ‘only what there isn’t has foliage, only what will be has bloom; what there is falls into pieces.’

Guy d’Obonner: Nobody draws Nothing (Excerpt from The Geometry of Nothing)

1997 Thessaloniki, Aristotelian University
1998 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, (Payne Gallery, Moravian College)
1998 Copenhagen, Mosting Hus
2000 Silkeborg, Kunst Center
2000 Istanbul, Bilgi Üniversitesi
2002 Bratislava, Slovenska Narodná Galeria
2002 New York, St. John’s University
2004 The Hague, Escher Museum
2006 Budapest, Ernst Museum