Meg Graham is a female artist born in United States, currently working in United States.
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Art- “Shaman’s Headdress/ Portrait of Wen-Chi Little Owl”
“My work stems from a collection of found images. I play with symbols, thoughts and ways of being. The viewer is invited thought a porthole into other worlds and landscapes. These are portraits of the collective unconsciousness and altered realities. As a storyteller I share my out of body adventures. In this dream like world boundaries have shifted. What was real has becomes unreal and literal becomes abstract. Then things can take on a new meaning or none at all. There are themes of Metaphysical, multi dimensions, higher consciousness and transformation mixed with color and juxtaposed elements. Many times the work becomes a storyboard of feelings that depicts what I want to create in life, and some are simply for fun. Each new piece is an unknown territory. With limitless there is freedom in not knowing where we are going. I allow guidance though intuition with my spirit to create. Then things flow without thought and are born into being. My art a conversation of self, dreams, spirit and discovery.” ~ Meg Graham

Streams of Being / Series of Work
Ferry Rides 2014-Present
Trances States 2012-2013
Maps of the Cosmos/ the Universe Inside of You 2011
Conscious Convergence 2010-11
Creating a World 2011
Adhear to Me 2010 -11
Altered Realties 2010
Organized Chaos 2009
Art Journal 2009
Switchboard Drawings 2008 -2009

Art Journal 2009
Subway Sketchbooks 2008-2009
Art as Meditation 2006-09

*Meg Graham knew at the age of 6 she was an artist. Her earlier studies focused on Graphic Design and Illustration. She studied at Rhode Island School of Design for drawing and Graphic Design summer of 1979 and she spent the foundations year at The School of Visual Arts 1979-1980.

Later she began focusing her work towards Fine Art with painting and drawing. Her first exhibit was a one woman show in her loft in 1987 of her oil paintings. Meg has been involved with different art organizations and in steering comities though the years. Exhibiting her work with these organizations from 1991-2001. From 2007-2009 she explored working with film and animation. Using Photoshop and found images she did a series of videos titled; Art as Meditation. In 2009 she began an art journal to get back into her painting from doing film. This transformed into the Mixed Media work with collage paintings she dose today. Meg Graham has lived and worked in Chelsea in New York City since 1985.

Meg Graham’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group shows in art galleries, art foundations, cultural centers and corporations in the eastern coast to coast in the United States. Including La Mama Galleries, 24 Hours for Life Gallery, Leslie Lohman Art Foundation. And the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center Located in New York City. As well as the Charrette Corporation in Woburn, MA.*