giulio baistrocchi is a genderqueer artist born in Italy, currently working in Italy.
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Was born the 21/04/79 in Rome.My extended family has been my major trauma and blessing. Two aristocratic families with a strong history and cosmoplite, with english (distantly related to the Chambers family, in the navy for centuries and a painting in the Greenwich maritime museum), peruvian( my ancestors had gold mines in Peru), polish(my family came from poland in the year 1000) and Brazilian. My grandfather was a diplomat and went to a concentration (with his family and my father was 2) camp in Japan because he did not wanted to be under Mussolini’s rule after the shift of alliances. My mothers s very old family had enormous estates in tuscany,and glorious past as rulers, Pope’s generals. Both were ruined by the war, and mourned for the bygone past, my mother became alcoholic and my father ruined his diplomatic career for aristocratic pride, and I think this helped the growth of his fatal cancer. My inheritence has been a burden for many years especially as a son of a diplomat I had no roots,and difficulties in socialising.Went to posh french schools in Brazil, and Rome but I felt I had nothing in common with my spoilt fellow students . I did not suffer from my extended family while we were abroad and was not so outkast, and on my return to Europe I felt it was boring and tedious until and Brazil was escape to aristo pride self pity,arrogance, and a memento that whatever happens we must put a brave face and be optimist and happy