Robert Jackson is a male artist born in United Kingdom, currently working in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.
Robert Jackson image

I studied fine art at the university and after finishing my degree I set up a studio in Cheshire and I have been a professional artist ever since.
I have always been intrigued by the tactile nature of the process of painting, the feel of the paint itself when wet and dry. My love of the act of manipulating paint on canvas has developed a need to create texture within the canvas. When light falls onto a textured surface it creates shadows and, because of the metallic quality, reflections.

The metallic property of these paintings means that the surface is often reflective and catches the light that compliments the ambience within a room. When hung in a brightly lit apartment the surface of the canvas will change with the time of day. When hung in a dimly lit space such as a hallway the art will reflect any light that falls on it. Many of my paintings are very deeply textured which allows light to fall onto the surface even when lit from the side.

The surface of my paintings often consists of several things including: acrylic, metallic paint, gold leaf, copper leaf, ground up metallic fibres, various resins, liquid latex, textured paint and bitumen. Only the highest quality materials are used to create my artwork.