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Luke Feldman, the creator of Skaffs, is an Australian artist that creates for a multitude of platforms. Inspired by childhood experiences and a vivid imagination, his illustrations and animations are minimalist, with defined lines, detailed characters, and vividly vibrant colours that give his work depth and movement. Known for his whimsical females; the large, intense, eyes and fluid bodies are strangely erotic; yet maintain a distant, unattainable feeling. In these pieces, the female form has been reduced to its most basic points, without the need for vulgarity, yet these creatures are not quite human, transporting us into a fantasy.

His distinctive style has led to a number of high profile illustration and animation projects. Some of the highlights include Flash animation and interactive content for Wallop, a Microsoft social-networking company, illustrations for Coca-Cola’s 2007 advertising campaign, Custo-Barcelona Designs, Semipermanent’s 2007 publication, Desktop Magazine, Contagious Magazine, Staf Magazine, Playtimes Magazine, a Skaffs scoota customisation, and worldwide exhibitions. In 2006, Luke launched a skate deck line, a vinyl adhesive line, and was a finalist in the “Cut & Paste” digital design tournament. He was a finalist in the Erotic Art Prize, a finalist in the DeskTop Create Awards illustration competition and a finalist in the Addicting Games “Shoot Em’ Up” Flash game design competition. His animation (Flash animation and music created by Luke Feldman) featured at Comic-con’s International Independent Film Festival and he recently launched his Skaffs vinyl toy prototype.

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