Lauren Bamford is an artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
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I hope you choke

New work by Lauren Bamford

“The farm, to me a playland, was to those who lived on it an onerous dead-end. Everything I observed as a marvel, was a back breaking chore to those who had to perform it everyday”
Peter Conrad ‘Down Home, Revisiting Tasmania’

‘I hope you choke’ is a photographic documentary of Tasmanian roadside produce stands and farm gate landscapes. It is a collection of photographs loaded with contradictions. A romanticised social commentary of a dying concept, despite the growing popularity and need for self sustainable living.

These images are faithful and Australian. Even more so these scenes are unique to Tasmania. An offshore island of an offshore continent, regularly omitted from maps of Australia – a lonely and savagely beautiful place, severed from the main land by a rising sea level over 10,000 years ago. Such isolation produces an ache of self doubt, a suspicion of solipsism which has the tendency to evoke an air of unease and discontent.

C3 Contemporary Art Space
27 April – 15 May 2011
Opens Wednesday 27 April, 6 – 8pm
Gallery 1, Space A