ash is an artist born in United States, currently working in United States.
ash image

What do I put here? What do you want to know? I often think bios and profiles are more for the reader than the writer. At least, for me, they are. I’m not much on narcissism and have deleted far more of my work than I’ve kept.

You’re here for the images. Not for the bio. To that end, enjoy them for how they make you react; for how they make you feel. The moment you see them, they become as much your reaction as they were mine. It is in that moment of passing, that transgression from my world to yours, that singularity of event that the art lives. Before and after that moment it was just an image. In that moment it sputtered and spewed, it came to life in a spasmodic fit. In that moment you saw with my eyes and we were human together.

There is nothing greater in this life than the collection of moments we have. There is no greater power in this existence than the moment a dream passes one to another and becomes real. Stars and life are born of that time.


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