Paul Gonyea image

Interdisciplinary multimedia artist working in either a single media or blended crossovers between art (painting and curating), performance (improv, dance, directing, video) and occasionally music composition.

Background includes receiving a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for a symposium on curating I put together in Boston. Curated several major exhibits.

Nominated for the 2003 Brandon Hall Excellence in eLearning Award for a multimedia piece, “Faces, Facets and Voices” on the subject of the value of diversity (social, racial, religious, economic, sexual orientation, etc) in the workplace.

Directed at Harvard & M.I.T. and taught improvisational theater at colleges & schools since 1975.

Have composed a handful of original musical works, some to accompany multimedia pieces that I was producing

I firmly believe that as you learn more skills, you begin to see similarities and interconnections between them. Each new skill builds on similar learnings from other skills already learned. There’s nothing wrong in trying something new, and much to gain from learning how to teach yourself.