Bonnie Lane is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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Bonnie Lane is an emerging video installation artist born in Melbourne, Australia in 1986.
Bonnie is currently residing in New York City where she is undertaking a video internship at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center.
Bonnie is a current Freedman Foundation Traveling Scholar, and an Australia Council for the Arts – ArtStarter for 2011. She is currently being mentored by renowned video artist Tina Gonslaves through JUMP, the Australia Council’s national mentoring program for young and emerging artists.
Bonnie has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally in public, commercial, and artist run galleries, art fairs & non-traditional sites.
Bonnie will be undertaking artist residencies in Vermont, New Mexico and Los Angeles in the coming months, and with the help of numerous grants including the Australia Council for the Arts – New Work Grant, she will be conducting a research project in the Southern States of the USA in early 2012.
An outcome of her research will be presented in a solo project exhibition at Anna Pappas Gallery in the second half of 2012 as well as Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts as part of the Innovators Program.
Bonnie completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at Victorian College of the Arts in 2007 and obtained a first-class Honours Degree in Fine Art from Monash University in 2010.

Artist Statement.

My current practice is focused around trying to generate an emotional connection with the audience by creating immersive environments that alter time and space.
My video installations are often all or partly autobiographical, inspired by an amalgamation of experiences and memories, dreams and nightmares, fears and fantasies.
Fluctuating at times between sinister and transcendental, I aim to draw attention to human absurdity from an existential perspective.