Paul-Felix Montewz is a male artist born in United States, currently working in United States.
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My proposed art installation art project:

“It’s extraordinary!” N.Y. Times Journalist: On Religion article: “Muslims & Islam were Part of Twin Towers life”, Samuel G. Freedman, after review of “The Prayer Room” art exhibition proposal. His September 11, 2010 article in the N.Y. Times dealt with just such a room set aside, and place found for prayer.

THE PRAYER ROOM ART INSTALLATION PROJECT addressing 9/11 through art and architecture. The exhibition presents full scale replicas of a room set aside in the World Trade Center for Muslims to pray in and a staircase landing on 163rd floor next to Windows on the world Restaurant. These large scale replicas, are juxtaposed against the original blueprints and full scale drawings of the structural elements of the towers themselves, turned into art works. In addition there are 18 more art works exploring this intersection of American ideals, ambitions,monumental architecture, prayer, religion and the most basic human need to find a place. This art exhibition is proposed for 2011.

THE PRAYER ROOM 2011 PROJECT: ARTIST PAGES: Video of project also on youtube and full pictures on artist face book page:!/album.php?id=100001627425759&aid=6633

October 29,, 2010
Nearsay Magazine:

October 19, 2010 – Manhattan News magazine New York:
By Julie Shaprio
Paul-Felix Montez’s installation “The Prayer Room” would recreate former Muslim prayer spaces at the Twin Towers.

October, 5, 2010

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