Spanò Luigi is a male artist born in Italy, currently working in Italy.
Spanò  Luigi image

Luigi Spanò, been born to Severina Saint in province of Crotone, holder of painting chair near l’Accademia of Fine Arts of Lecce, lives and works to Lecce with study in via Vittorio Emanuele n. 14 – They have been introduced Italy and in foreign country beyond 40 extensions. 1991 and 1992 participate to the sponsored collective extension from the Puglia Region for the Valentino Prize to Los Angeles (USA). Its works are present in the Museum Katsigra di Larissa (Greece). 2001 one Personal of Painting to Brussels in the center of the organized European Parliament from"Comité de Gestion du Patrimoine et des Manifestations Artistiques et Culturelles" They have written more than 56 art critics, between these: Claudio Strinati, Luigi Tallarico, Donato Valli, Franco Simongini, Giuseppe Selvaggi, Leonida Repaci, Domenico Purificato, Ugo Moretti, Gigi Malafarina, Sandra Giannattasio, Alfonso Gatto, Giancarlo Fusco, Tony Bonavita, Elio Filippo Accrocca, etc.