Cameron D. Ansorger is an artist born in Canada, currently working in Canada.
Cameron D. Ansorger image
Cameron D. Ansorger graduated from the University of Calgary in 2006 with a BFA and honors in Art. He utilizes multiple forms of media in his work (paint [acrylic-latex, oil], graphite, charcoal and sand) with various collage materials.

Cameron’s art over the years has covered a broad range of concepts: personal, political and societal. Of recent his art has concentrated on his interest in dinosaurs, as well as the geological landscape of the Badlands around Drumheller, Alberta. Cameron’s work seeks to question the distinction between the mythic and the real, the abstract and the representational. His work hopes to invoke conversations on imagination, expression, mortality, fear and change.

Cameron’s influences in art include Gerhard Richter, Leonardo di Vinci, Sigmar Polke, Gustav Klimt and Anselm Kiefer.