Emma Hack is an artist.
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Catherine Asquith Gallery welcomes Adelaide-based artist, Emma Hack.

Adelaide-based artist, Emma Hack, has been exhibiting extensively throughout Australia since 1999. Through a combination of painting on canvas, body painting and studio-based photography, Emma’s works evoke a rich array of visual narrative and magical realism. The reaction new viewers have to Emma’s work is usually one of intrigue. Drawn in by the exquisite designs and striking representations of animals, it is not long before there is the realization that a human form, a person, and/or an animal, is present in the work. And the questions arise: How does she do it? Surely it’s superimposed? How long does it take? Does the model really have to stand there the whole time? Emma began exploring the notion of camouflage, drawing inspiration from iconic model, Verushka, who in the 1960s and 70s painted herself into rustic walls and naturalistic settings. When Emma discovered the iconic Florence Broadhurst range of wallpaper designs, it provided the perfect inspiration. Signature Prints, the publishers of the Broadhurst range, gave their blessing for Emma to not only use the designs, but granted her full access to the Florence Broadhurst archives of some 530 designs. So began the Wallpaper collection of images that span from 2005 to her recently launched collection in 2010. It was during this time that Emma began exhibiting her limited edition photographic images. Her first ever wallpaper camouflage took 19 hours straight to paint with more recent works taking anywhere from 8 – 15 hours, depending on the complexity of the design. It is an exhausting process for artist and subject alike; however the results are nothing short of spectacular. In the Wallpaper Mandala Collection, Emma has painstakingly camouflaged the human form into combined wallpaper designs, creating a circular mandala collaged background into which her muse is artfully blended. Emma’s Birds of Prey Collection comprises the same technique, but includes the use of live Australian birds: an owl, Wedge-tailed Eagle and Peregrine Falcon. Now represented by Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery (London, New York), Emma’s work will be presented at art fairs in London and New York later this year. Emma’s inaugural solo exhibition with Catherine Asquith Gallery is scheduled for 20th March to 7th April 2012. In the interim, the gallery’s Stockroom will hold a selection of her work.

Emma Hack is represented by Catherine Asquith Gallery in Melbourne, Australia