John McCaughey is a male artist born in United States, currently working in United States.
John McCaughey image

The process of decay, the deconstruction of an environment, and the revealing of information beneath the surface are the inspirations for my current work. Graffiti, advertisements, and found materials all find their way into my paintings and prints. They work together to provide a foundation from which I can begin an investigation. As a young adult, I had been exposed to the bustling and decrepit streets of America’s cities. I’m attracted to the urban wall. I love all that it has to offer us. I peel at the surface to see its history; this history of layers that has just as much to say, if not more, than what was covering it. There is this interesting dialog between the information that is there and the information that is hidden.

My paintings have begun their move into the sculptural realm and my works on paper are beginning to break free of the rectangle. Tearing, sanding, painting, carving, pasting, peeling have become more aggressive. Interestingly enough, even though I’ve found and applied all the information in my pieces, I’m always pleasantly surprised to see what I’ve uncovered through the aforementioned processes.

The mark-making and language often found in printmaking has still found its way into my current work, despite my efforts to break free of its traditional usage, such as the edition, cleanliness, and archival nature. I have found inspiration in the work of Pollock and Kline, as well as contemporary Street Art culture. I see similarities in both; their compulsion to make intuitive marks on a surface as well as the aggression and boldness of the marks. I look to Johns, Rauschenberg, and other Pop Artists when I paint. I paint with what is available to me, often biodegradable materials such as latex paint, newspaper, and tape.

My paintings and prints become a reflection of the world around me, yet at the same time, become a world in itself.