Nina Tokhtaman Valetova is an artist born in Russian Federation, currently working in United States.
Nina Tokhtaman Valetova image
Review in ArtisSpectrum Magazin

Nina Valetova’s elusive and highly innovative oils on canvas present revolutionary new ideas of postmodern representation. Blending together both figurative and abstract imagery, Valetova’s imaginatively colored works create an almost hallucinatory effect. Lines bend, shapes undulate and dual feelings of horror and elation combine and intermingle at every turn. Often drawing comparisons with Surrealism, Valetova’s works have a dreamlike quality wherein objects frequently morph into one another, landscape becoming figure, figures dissolving into total abstraction. Valetova invites viewers to join her narrative journey, but excitingly, only relates pieces of the tale. Viewers then become responsible for deciphering the remainder of her message, questioning and examining every line and brush stroke.

The intriguing dual nature of her works continues with the dichotomy of visual movement that pervades each canvas. The work seem at once frenetic and active, yet frozen and almost incomprehensibly calm. Valetova experiments with dimension and composition, leading to amazing results: paradoxical works of intended absurdity. In doing so, she produces works not only of stunning beauty and philosophical depth, but which comments on the unpredictability and irrationality of contemporary society. As unending wars are waged and beloved family members die, life continues on and as her paintings so poignantly articulate, when one thing stops another keeps going.

Born in South Ural, Russia, Valetova finds continual inspiration in her personal history and in the cultural heritage of her familial lineage. An avid student of Eastern philosophy, Valetova herself adopts a Zen-like view of the world which provides a fascinating counterpoint to the energetic canvases of her art. Yet the intense appearance of her paintings is no accident. Instead, Valetova consciously chooses arousing colors and imagery to inspire her viewers to effect change within the world. Knowing she cannot do it alone, she hopes those who appreciate her art will appropriate her message and spread it to the masses.