Therese Gilligan is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Fitzroy-Collingwood, MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia.
Therese Gilligan image

My practice as a painter is primarily based on the life of the girl and the young woman. I am interested in recording the moment of bloom before the withering of experience takes effect. The tension in the work creates an ambiguity about the possible futures of these young women. The use of text in the paintings is both playful and dark. Text and titles, such as ‘Penny Proves her Worth’, ‘Shirley Wins Through’ and ‘Captain For The Day’ express this moment in life where the subjects are ‘filled up’ with expectations and future uncertainties.

I try to avoid the paintings becoming a maudlin or sentimental catharsis about my own loss of youth, but rather about catching expressions of resilience I had in myself that I see in these young subjects.

My paintings are part of the BHP Billition Collection and the VIC Roads Collection. I have a Bachelor and a Master of Fine Art both from the University of Melbourne. My work is available at GILLIGAN GRANT GALLERY in Collingwood, Victoria.