Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox image


Image on Right: Tree Of Life Time Travelling Oil on linen 85 × 150 cm 2012
I am a visual artist interested in exploring a number of things in my paintings:
- The potency of age-old transcultural/religious symbols such as the tree of life and the ouroboros.
- Revelling in the new perspectives offered to us by modern cosmological research.
- Attempting to ‘see’ multiple perspectives simultaneously…something I think is necessary for a sustainable future.
- Recalibrating ideas of ‘landscape’ against the backdrop of new perspectives offered to us by cosmology. My mantra: Earth maybe our home, but the Universe is our environment. So, I attempt to untether ‘landscape’ from being Earth-bound with ambiguous ‘scapes’ that could be here, there or everywhere!
- Perspective also parlays into how we view ourselves and others.

I am a keen blogger and have been blogging since 2006. I post regularly once a week and now receive 1000s of visitors per month. I write about my paintings and ideas.