Aaron O'Brien is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, SEDDON, Victoria, Australia.
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A high degree of the work I produce is a reaction against how we are living in a post industrialised world, like the acceptance of the war on terror, the war on the enviroment, the abstraction of most plants and animals from our natural enviroment; making everything in turn unnatural. The world as we Know it today is dramatically different compared to what we knew of it a hundred years ago, people have become addicted and complacent of eveyday things like cars, ipods, coca-cola and they have replaced the natural products of earth with the unatural human invention. Not to say some things are okay as long as they have a limited impact on the natural enviroment but unfortunatly most people live beyond there means. Therefor I try to approach these issue’s from one man’s point of view, that is informed from many source’s, (books,journals, internet, popuarl culture, traveling, conversation, magazines, music, photography and my own experience’s. Mainly in the past I have represnted these issue’s in oil paintings and drawings in a surrealist style. more reacently my style has change to a semi realist style with a surrealist compostion. With that said I do not really like to pin myself to one particular style, medium, or materials and therefor letting the subject matter inform these things.

I also like to produce works of beauty, like arbitary watercolour backgrouds similar to Jackson Pollacks work in the Abstract Expressionism movement. I then paint an image or image’s of beauty like flower’s, animals in Gouache over the top. to create an intresting and asthetically beautiful piece full of life, that can also make subtle comments on our enviroments through the use of abstraction.

I am Currently studing At Victorian College of the Arts VCA,doing an undergraduate in fine arts painting. In 2008 I finished a diploma in visual arts at Victorian University with high distictions, they also purchased a painting ofme from our graduation show, making me part of public collection at the University.
I ahd my first solo show in November last year at Brunswick street gallery, which was also a great success, and have had 5 group shows over the past ten years: although I have only been practicing as a professional artist for the past three years prior to that I was in a band called ooom in the early 90’s and worked in normal mind numbing job’s attached to our modern culture, thus having no context except that of a machine. Rage aginst the Machine

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Aaron O’Brien (drippingCanvas)