NVJasmin is a female artist born in United States, currently working in Florida, United States.
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I am a full time self-taught artist .I work with acrylics and oil pastels. I put all my work on canvas and board. At the moment I am working with tropical landscapes motives and portraits. I paint from my heart and soul, sometimes an image comes thru my mind and I draw it and bring it to life .I prefer to paint faces especially women faces .I really put my best on the eyes because eyes are the windows to your soul.I like to paint on vivid colors with lots of red ,yellows and blues.I use black lines to give the strenght and powerful look to the faces ,with always in mind to espress feelings and emotions .I want to continue with this journey and I am willing to learn more and more everytime from my own experiences and others artists points of views. Media acrylics, oils pastels on canvas and board. Style impressionism and primitive art.