Dorit Dornier is a female artist born in Germany, currently working in Canada.
Dorit Dornier image

Dorit Dornier is a Montreal-based artist whose practice encompasses the production of paintings, drawings and sculptural works. Born in Germany, she pursued studies at Zurich’s Kunstgewerberschule and at HFBK `High School for Building Arts` in Berlin, and has lived and worked in Canada since 1982.

Throughout her lengthy career, Dorit Dornier has demonstrated an ongoing interest in exploring and articulating the faceted nature of the human condition. Inspired by the natural world and informed by lived experience, the artists’ works transcend their varied subjects to evoke universally familiar states and stages of ‘being-in-the-world’.

Dorit Dornier evokes a world of celebration and mystery, through poetical and dynamic images and sculptures, rendered in stylized and bold lines. Dornier’s characters, depicted in dreamy and meditative poses, are often goddess representations or powerful symbolical figures. Through her work she wishes to open a door to a new world, a mysterious world, whose magic is inspired by her dreams, together with her lifelong interest and observation of peoples` expressions, gestures and emotions.

Dorit Dornier`s works are part of prestigious private and corporate collections in Canada, the US and Europe. Dorit Dornier is a member of the ISC- ‘International Sculpture Centre’.