Laurentiu Todie is a male artist born in Romania, currently working in United States.
Laurentiu Todie image

Laurentiu Todié

“Recycled Pixels”

Poetry is communication with restricted means, abiding by certain rules of rhyme, rhythm and pattern.
Todié restricts his work to 600 visual squares in an attempt to make uniquely-crafted painted poetry.

His new, innovated craft developed along the many years when he was working as a digital photo retoucher instead of waiting tables or mixing drinks. To this new art style he added his old art of observation and texture-painting talent.
Thus visual pixel art was born!

The pixel is the atom of a digital picture and the means by which every image now enters this dynamic new age of computer communication.

In literature there is a joke about a monkey who can tap the complete works of Shakespeare on a typewriter keyboard, given, of course, an infinite number of years.

By the same theory, given enough time, Todié repaints master works by permuting 600 building blocks of paint consisting of uniquely-individualized pixels.

Sure, he can be insulted and called a chimp—or even a chump— like some politicians are deservingly called. But in the spirit of the fauves and the impressionists, Todié doesn’t mind adopting the insult as a badge of honor!

Besides, it bodes well with the Hundredth monkey effect, which says that something learned can spread around instantaneously when it reaches a critical mass of initial takers.

The first aspect of his paintings is Abstract, but since many observers can’t control their curiosity and must ask: What does it mean? The artist here offers an almost photographic Pop Art answer by reducing the size of the image, and by advising the inquirer to step back, squint and think. This elevates the status of the viewer to co-conspirator, and transforms the joy of discovery into an experience of delightful “Wow!” and “But of course!”

Todié reminds us that the whole process of artistic pixel creation is heavily automated and digital, adding that he can produce portfolios of compatible new images. If you visit his visually astounding website at where a selection of his pixeled art is on display, you won’t be disappointed by what you find there and you can add to your own collection of unforgettable art.

The hybrid of Pop and Abstract is Todié’s new legacy. And the viewing world’s, too.

So look, absorb, enjoy, and…feel that “Wow!”

Patrick P. Stafford, poet