Kaitlin Beckett is an artist born in New Zealand, currently working in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.
Kaitlin Beckett image

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Kaitlin studied Art History and Literature at Canterbury University before moving to Melbourne in 2001 and training in graphic and web design.

Kaitlin’s art is a multi-layered process and incorporates the use of many media. The initial colour is done using watercolours on canvas/paper. Messy, streaked lines in ink pen sketch in outlines and contours. A layer of chalk pastel and conte crayon is rubbed into the surface which adds an intensity of colour and a smooth matt finish. More layers of ink pen and white highlights define the composition, which is often finished with metallic paint, iridescent pigments and gold/silver leaf. Each piece is worked on for many hours, with meticulous attention to detail.

Artist’s Statement: “Since childhood I have had a love for the fantastic and the imaginary – I enjoy depicting the real and the unreal together, things turning into other things, the unusual engaged with the everyday. However macabre some of my creatures may seem, they still have a whimsical quality – it’s important to me that people can see the humour in my work.”