Sarah Story is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
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Sarah Story is an emerging photographic artist who completed a Bachelor of Photography, majoring in Art Practice, at the Queensland College of Art in 2011. Currently residing in Brisbane, Sarah has exhibited extensively in Australia and also in the UK, America and Canada. She was selected as a finalist for Australian photography competition ‘Projections’ in 2011, where she was the winner of the People’s Choice Award and recently has been selected as a finalist in the Clayton Utz Art Prize. Amongst her success she has also been featured in several Australian publications.

Sarah’s interest is in the domestic as a space filled with familiar and banal objects. These domestic artefacts can be placed within that space in such a way as to challenge the norms in society and the viewer’s senses. She begins with an idea, researches its dimensions and then constructs the image using these artefacts in certain juxtapositions.

I’ll be the maverick and you be the bourgeios (2011)

Over the last two years I’ve acquired an abundance of wedding invitations and thank you cards and I began to notice just how many of the people that surround me were getting hitched. I was prompted to create work responding to the banality of domestic expectations and the social constructions around marriage and its precursor, the wedding.

Focusing on artefacts rather than the relationship, marriage symbols are revealed as commodified objects, removed from the significance they are intended to portray. For instance, the diamond ring has replaced the humble thimble through commercial opportunism; the swan, constructed out of old wedding invitations, traditionally a symbol of fidelity and life-long commitment, has been found in recent research to be a promiscuous bird.

2013 TBA, Viewpoint Gallery, Halifax, Canada.
2012 Clayton Utz Art Award, Clayton Utz Office, Brisbane, Australia.
2012 Provocations, Oh Hello! Brisbane, Australia.
2012 Still Life: Objects of Wonder, Black Box Gallery, Portland, USA.
2012 North . South . East . West, Bleeding Heart Gallery, Brisbane, Australia.
2011 Departure: Graduate Show, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, Australia.
2011 Projections National Screenings, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra, Australia.
2011 Finding Biloela, The Art Factory, Brisbane, Australia.
2011 The Fringe Show: N.S.A.P. for Brighton Festival Fringe, AM Gallery, Brighton, UK.
2011 Hearts of Gold5, Bleeding Heart Gallery, Brisbane, Australia.
2011 66%: A Collaborative Photography Exhibition, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, Australia.
2011 Untold Stories: Documentary Photography Exhibition on Cambodia, Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane, Australia.
2010 Sliced Bread for Kemmler, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, Australia.
2010 Punctum, Bari Festival, Brisbane, Australia.
2009 A Collective Sigh, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, Australia.

2012 Clayton Utz Art Award Finalist
2012 Viewpoint Gallerys’ International Feature Photographer
2011 Light, Space & Time Gallery ‘Special Recognition Award’
2011 Departure Catalogue
2011 ‘The Projections’ Finalist & People’s Choice Award Winner
2011 The Projections 2011 Book
2011 MAP Magazine #130
Vegas Spray Collective – Local Artist