Pip Stafford is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Hobart, HOBART, Tasmania, Australia.
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Born in Hobart, Tasmania in 1983, Pip Stafford is a new media artist whose practice includes video installation, performance, web projects, printed media and illustration. A graduate of the University of Tasmania, School of Art (BFA), she currently freelances as a video editor for Roar film and is a resident of the Rat Palace, an artist run studio space in Hobart.

In 2007 Pip was awarded the Next Wave Festival’s Kickstart grant and has since been working on a web project for the Festival entitled iwishicouldshowyou.com.
I Wish I Could Show You is a data base of user-generated creativity comprised of videos from mobile phones.

Most recently she has shown work at Platform Artists Group in Melbourne and Inflight Gallery in Hobart. In February 2008, Pip (with Hobart artist, Kate Kelly) initiated and organised the inaugural ONO Project with the support of CAST Gallery, an on-going project to create one night art events in disused urban spaces.

As well as her individual practice Pip has collaborated with numerous artists and groups, organised art and music events and played in bands in both Hobart and Melbourne. In her spare time she creates zines and objects to sell in her online store. She was recently featured in the print anthology Laughing Skulls and is the curator of the DVD anthology Run! You Beasts!

In 2008 Pip will be an Artist in Residence at The Cultural Exchange Station in Tabor (CESTA) in the Czech Republic.