Robert Quint is a male artist born in Germany, currently working in Belgium.
Robert Quint image

Paragon of a vision

The Albertian window seems to have dematerialised and the medium has become versatile….

We see a single item appear : the protective form of the fir tree, symbol of upward motion, eternal among all, resurgence of a distant filial past. The reminiscences of a presence and an absence that are hand in glove. An immaterial force hovers over the peaks of this type of representation, very like « Kraftübertragung » : the transmission of a power that transcends death. The context is given, the form follows. This element of landscaping dissolves into multiple possibles and doesn’t fit the simple figurative definition of an exercise in style. A work of romantic inspiration in its sense and the memories that it calls up, coming from an artist who works in a completely post-modern way. He explores all techniques (painting, drawing, spray-painting, screen printing, collage, transfers, sculpture, video and even virtual animation) on all possible materials (paper, canvas, paste, glass, …..) in order to let us see a mixed, moving image, where the frame is multiplied to infinity. Landscape in Robert Quint’s work is defined by the collecting together of a number of unique works to be arranged in any way that the visual artist or the acquirer sees fit, always allowing the freedom to be refigured according to the space in which it is placed. Like nature in a state of perpual change, it offers us a living, mutating, organicist model. The artist becomes a demiurge and creates the scenery of an endless universe.

Catherine Henkinet