Len Breen is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in United Kingdom.
Len Breen image

My work is about drawing and, at present, the digital editing and painting of these images.

My web site is my gallery and partly my studio – I design the site and encode all pages. The site is a large visual biography and catalogue raison and serves to affirm my work and who I am. To paraphrase A R Penck, the work is ‘the essential criterion for determining the condition of the system’.

In many ways both myself and my work belong the ‘outsider’ category. So my compositions and content are very much steeped in the area of contradiction and alienation. This is also expressed through a touch of the surreal, a peppering of irony and some political reference.

As well as my drawing my output also includes a number of e-books, artist’s handmade books, photographs and collages, cartoons and posters of a political inclination. But formally, drawing rules.

My recent political work can be viewed at elvispicasso.com.