Lizzy Sampson is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
Lizzy Sampson image

My recent practice responds to social and political conditions of my time, unique to my personal opinions and values but reflecting concerns of a universal nature.

Through devices such as shifts in language or function, or by utilising materials selected for their inherent associations with environmentalism, capitalism or consumerism, I aim to produce works which question or subvert the social structures we accept and live by as best practice in Australia and the West.

Through the use of painting, digital imagery or found object, I create work by re-circulating, repositioning or modifying everyday objects, presenting them in alternative, sometimes ambiguous manifestations. This change in context aims to evoke within the viewer, a feeling of uncertainty – a slowing down of time and point of focus, so the viewer can take time to experience each work within its’ given space. These concerns reflect my ambition to practice as an artist who may contribute to social change through conversation, dialogue and alternative approach.