Paul J. Kalemba is an artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, Australia.
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The Eco-Political Artist.
Paul J. Kalemba

• Take a generous predisposition toward creative expression, and a passion for aesthetics.

• Mix in devoted engagement with social and political ideas, philosophy and awe for the natural world.

• Fold in a quest for environmental sustainability.

• Gently stir in acknowledged responsibility to challenge dichotomies.

• Fillet power structures and dice inequality.

• Briskly advocate progressive possibilities for all humanity.

• Season with experimentation

• Remove and discard false information, exploitation and deception.

• Allow for freedom of artistic and political expression.

Serve in the culture war over a liberal society.

Makes for social evolution.

Paul J. Kalemba (AKA thinblackline) is an urban edible®evolutionary and sustainability activist who takes a renaissance approach to art. Prior to recently completing a Master in Visual Art at the VCA, Kalemba’s career highlights include: The National Print Symposium at the National Gallery of Australia, 2004,; co-directing Alleys Not Telleys pubic space reclamation/multi-arts festivals, 2001-2004; Eyes For Other Skies Travelling Animation Festival, ACMI/South Korea; and creating propaganda and projections for the tree planting/re-veg Tranceplant Festivals 2001-2005. Kalemba’s work also features in many independent publications amongst a prolific CV of community, public and white cube rah rah.