Cathryn McEwen is a female artist born in Canada, currently working in Australia.
Cathryn McEwen image

Cathryn McEwen’s dialogue remains faithful to the importance of body language and the fundamental ‘reading between the lines.’ Her subjects, immersed in water, are in profound conversation with their own reflection… images which do not always portray that which we’d expect. With titles like ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Negative Reaction’ and ‘Pool of Emotion’, Cathryn’s images take us to the innermost realms of the human spirit, and forces us to reach far beyond the surface. Her technical work is precise and meticulous, but it is her innate ability to make us one with her subjects and to thrust us into their most intimate conversations which envelopes and holds our attention. Cathryn does not settle with mere aesthetics, she guides us through the undercurrents of a mature discourse questioning that which we perceive of ourselves and that which is perceived by others. Although all of her subjects are only partially submerged in the water that surrounds them, there is nothing superficial about them, or McEwen’s work.
ONDARTE International Artist Residency
Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico