Amanda Stewart is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in MELBOURNE, Australia.
Amanda Stewart image

Keep to the right is about my relationship with the city of Melbourne over many years. I have tried to incorporate many of the structures that influenced my childhood and adult life, and my perception of the city generally.

Elements of cubism have been included but mostly I was influenced quite heavily by Kandinsky in creating this representation.

The theme ‘keep to the right’ denotes the unusual wording in the Flinders Street subway, which goes against what Melbournians normally do, which is keep left when walking and driving. The image also challenges the viewer making it unnatural to keep your eyes to the right when looking at it.

Throughout the work I have tried to convey many local ironies. For example, the Yellow Peril (Vault), Melbourne’s much loathed sculpture is flying, as it has been moved around the city so many times.

The train station entrance almost looks like a train tunnel, and fittingly is missing the upstairs ballroom; which has been forgotten in real life too.

This is my first attempt at pastel on paper, and the first artwork I have created in many years, so any feedback and ideas from other artists to develop my skills would be greatly appreciated.