Rebecca Latham is a female artist born in United States, currently working in Minnesota, United States.
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Rebecca is a watercolor artist painting professionally along with her sister, Bonnie and mother, Karen. Rebecca’s works are shown around the globe and collected internationally. Her paintings have been on display in exhibits in the Smithsonian, Nature in Art Museum in the UK, and other prestigious venues. She holds memberships in many fine art societies around the world including the SAA, AFC, MIWAS, TWASI, IGOR, AAA, CLWAC, AWS, PSOA, UAN, MPSGS, HS, CPA, WFM, & MASF.

Growing up in a family drawn to the outdoors, Rebecca has always experienced a closeness to the natural world. With the supportive encouragement of her parents, and finding a talent in art, she chose to focus her future as a painter in her mid teens.

Rebecca’s primary goal in her work is to use her work to help the creatures she paints as well as their habitat. She often participates in many wildlife and habitat conservation fundraising events to raise funds and awareness. She spends as much time as possible observing and experiencing the wildlife she paints: “We often take up to 5000 still photographs on a shoot. It is very important that the subject painted is studied from every available angle, as well as it’s habits and preferences”.

Because of her interest in the biological aspects of wildlife art, her paintings always reflect a personal experience with the species. “For me, the research and fieldwork involved are my favorite, rain or shine. There are many times I have to drag myself back to my studio to paint, as I would much rather spend all of my time outside.”

Her style and technique are primarily influenced by her artist family, Karen & Bonnie. After studying many mediums and styles of painting and sculpture, she now works primarily in watercolor using classic Flemish techniques to render her highly detailed paintings after studying with Belgian artist, Carl Brenders.

Rebecca’s works range in size from 30″ × 40″ to 1″ × 1″ and often are painted on traditional surfaces for miniature painting such as vellum, ivorine (a simulated ivory surface), and board. The original meaning of the word “miniature”, in referring to the classic traditional artform, means to paint very detailed and is not associated with size, smallness, or scale. Often it is referred to as painting “in miniature” in describing traditional miniature painting. As an artist working in that style, she has discussed the topic and studied research of some of the world’s leading experts on the subject of miniature painting. Rebecca has also authored numerous articles about the art of miniature for publication. It has been stated that a wall sized work could be painted “in miniature” and in the past there have been a range of sizes of miniature from gigantic to handheld. All of Rebecca’s paintings are executed “in miniature”.

The artist is passionate about her art as well as the wildlife that is so predominate in her paintings. She works with organizations for environmental and conservation causes for wildlife, but is also dedicated to the preservation of classic traditional miniature painting and encouraging young artists.

Rebecca has adopted the philosophy of an artist she studied under,
Artist and Naturalist, Robert Bateman – "…‘Vive la Difference’…that’s what’s good about the planet Earth…is that it has variety. Variety is the spice of life. That’s what’s bad about the trends now on the planet Earth. We’re getting this bland “sweetness to the pudding uniformity” all over everything…it’s not only boring, it’s dangerous…"

Support for Conservation:
The artist is passionate about her art as well as the wildlife that is so predominate in her paintings. She works with organizations for environmental and conservation causes for wildlife. Rebecca and her family have donated numerous original paintings and prints for auction and raffle to support North American and international conservation organizations, Raptor rehabilitation centers, nature centers, Zoos, the Safari Club International, and wildlife rescue facilities that care for abused animals.

Rebecca has also performed quick draw paintings (pieces painted in minutes or several hours at an event) to raise thousands of dollars for worthy causes as well.

Her paintings have been featured on US and Canadian conservation stamps as well as featured in the Illinois habitat conservation print program and through Ducks Unlimited. She has also been involved with the USFWS Junior Duck Stamp program.

Additionally, just as Rebecca is dedicated to the preservation of wild lands and the wild creatures that depend on the existence of those places for their survival, the artist is also dedicated to the preservation of true traditional miniature painting in all it’s forms, a type of art that has been practiced since early writing. The artist and her family, all working ‘in miniature’ in their painting, work to raise awareness and education of classic miniature art. The artist is also devoted to encouraging young artists.