Grant Spicer is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, HEATHERTON, Victoria, Australia.
Grant Spicer image

Grant is an inspirational artist and loves to paint just about anything.

He loves the challenge of commission work because he wants to make your dream a reality on canvas.

Grant has sold many diverse and interesting pieces to celebrities and every day people looking for that perfect piece of art for the exact location in their home or office.

If you have a like for a certain artist or painting he will come up with an idea and way to change that piece so you can have your own original in the style you love.

Grant can create your piece of art in Oils or Acrylic or pastel or a combination of these media.

Your piece of original artwork will be signed and dated and registered by the artist and can be of varied sizes from very large to small in size.

You can peruse just some of Grant’s pieces on this web site and if you would like Grant to create something for your special location please contact him by e-mail at


Grant can talk to you about a budget that you may have and see what he can create for you or your company.