Tim Quirk is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.
Tim Quirk image

About the work:
A piecing together of miscellaneous things with a mixture of analogue and digital processes. A storyteller. An abstraction/distraction. Much is not as it seems but nothing ends where it begins. An ongoing, constantly mutating process. A continual search. A work in progress.

Currently working on a narrative series that is similar to a fumetti, almost a photoessay, a visual narrative, text driven pictures, picture driven text, simply a story that combines words and pictures in some way.

About the artist:
Grew up in Arcadia, north central Victoria. Spent a bit of time at a couple of universities. Several group exhibitions, 4 solo exhibitions, the most recent at BSG, Fitzroy. Currently based in Melbourne. Also work in progress.

also see http://tfquirk.com