Monika Feuerstein

Realist figurative Oil painter

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Artist Profile

I am a Melbourne, Australia based Artist. After an Interior Design background, I decided to study art and become a full-time Artist. To make my mark in the world .

Primarily working in Oils, my art is figurative realism with a hint of surrealism.
Inspired by an old Art teacher and Portrait Artist (Andrew Forsyte)
I became interested in the human form.

I like to play with surreal colours, environments and situations creating Drama with strong contrasts and light. I love oils because of the intensity of hues and brilliance. Creating depth through layers and layers of glazes. In this fast paced world, I love this slow art. Nothing else compares with oil, It’s archival and will last forever.

My paintings evolve usually to what’s happening in my life at the time., inspired by emotions or observations of the world around me.
I like to tell stories metaphorically and express the rhythm and beat of life. How ever The series “The love of music” is
about translating the feelings, emotions,
atmosphere and the intense love of music
on to canvas.
Music unites us humans and can move us.
It can set a mood and make us feel so much.
My goal is to capture all that visually,
so the viewer may feel, what I feel, when
experiencing live music.