Nancy Mauro-Flude is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
Nancy Mauro-Flude image

Nancy Mauro-Flude is artist and performer. Driven by the demystification of technology, and the ‘mystification’ that lie in and through the performance of the machinic assemblage. Gray magics, hijackings, driftings and seizures of power are many of the sensitive and subversive subterfuges by which Mauro-Flude urges, twists and explores the aesthetic politic of the open source spirit. The artists attempt to grapple with practices and talismanic logics of island cultures does much to prick the art world with a potent needle.

Awarded her MA in Media Design, Piet Zwart Inst. Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, she is an alumni of DasArts: advanced institute for performing arts, Amsterdam School of Art (2001-4). Honorary Researcher at the Slade School of Art London (2007-8), Artist-in-Residence – Somatic Movement Institute (2000-1); Waag Society for/ New & old media Amsterdam (2003-5) and Museum Quartier, Q21-Electric Ave, Vienna (2008).

Contributing to developments in performing arts, technology and the public domain, Mauro-Flude has collaborated with leading institutions and festivals worldwide and has led numerous cross-disciplinary programmes that examine contemporary society in a digital age. Raised in Tasmania, and spent a decade in Amsterdam, where she lived for ten years heavily influenced by the computer hacker scene. Mauro-Flude has played lead role as Ophelia (2007) at Frascatti Theatre.

For MONAFOMA in 2009 she presented the work ‘Paraphernalia’ to notable press coverage in the Mercury and ArtsHub, where Rita Dimasi exclaimed “Definitely one to watch for in the future!”. At Museum of Old and New Art – DarkMofo 2016 Festival she premièred Divination link.

Nancy Mauro-Flude is represented by Bett Gallery link.