Alexander Sutulov is a male artist born in Chile, currently working in Chile.
Alexander Sutulov image

Atelier Alexander Sutulov is a digital art studio specializing in a wide range of fine art productions. Its mission is to offer and exhibit to a general public a unique approach towards a new form of artistic expression. In the past decade, Digital Painting has been a revolutionary concept of bringing together all artistic media into one coherent visual language.

Considering the background of visual artist Alexander Sutulov where his training encompasses a vast experience in all form of media such as drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, his digital artwork constitutes a synthesis of his entire previous endeavour in addition to the new challenges established by digital media.

At close observation, Alexander’s work can be recognized in its richness of surface and most important, the achievement and mastery of a technique where its attempt in any other media would be virtually impossible. The true value of his work relies on this fact where combined with state of the arts printing technology, the end result are authentic works of art.

Long has been the discussion over the originality of second generation images (all form of printmaking involving two or more transfer substrates in order to achieve a final result, such is the case for photo transfer, positive and negative plate, screen printing, etc.) nevertheless without such a concept none of the master print works in the 20th century could have been realized. When we pay tribute to outstanding artist such as Jasper Johns, Frank Stella and Robert Rauschenberg, it would be impossible to imagine them without a concept of second generation images.

In the same perspective, digital painting and digital art in general has been a transcendental breakthrough for art history and it is yet to be seen the embedded potentiality of this artistic phenomenon.

It has been the artist life pursuit to commit and offer his public access to real art meaning that his or her experience can be made tangible, not from a far away museum or an unaffordable gallery, but rather a direct and intimate relationship. For this purpose he has conceived a way of making original fine art limited editions, accessible through the internet so new generations may have a reference amongst other talented digital artist, the possibility to become involved in a learning process in order to heighten visual thinking capabilities.

The view of intellects and theorist such as Rudolf Arnheim in his eloquent publication: Visual Thinking 1969 is a true testimony of our current world dynamics. Our most primal and basic form of cognitive reality is based upon our structure of visual thinking without such learning process; our access to contemporary reality would be dramatically restricted.

In the same way, the artist was able to familiarize from an early age with the surroundings of Gonzalo Camarenas epic mural: Presencia de America Latina at the University of Concepcion Fine Arts Museum (Pinacoteca Casa del Arte) as an eye opening experience. He discovered the building blocks of our growing process and most important our capability of astonishment. It is this message he wishes to convey through his work and make it possible to be a lifetime dialogue with his public and future generations.